With more than 12 test locations in the country, there is always 1 near you or on your route.

View all our test locations below and easily plan your appointment and route.

Testresultaten coronasneltest binnen 15 minuten

Rapid test results within 15 minutes

RVA geaccrediteerde laboratorium voor coronatesten

RVA accredited laboratory

RIVM gevalideerde corona sneltesten en pcr testen

Validated by the RIVM

Internationaal reiscertifcaat

Travel certificate within 24 hours

PCR test reiscertifcaat binnen 24 uur

Internationally recognized travel certificates

Dr. Ab Faloun, BIG registration 09913425901

Openingstijden coronateststraat

Open daily from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Beveiligde online communicatie, AVG proof

Secure communications


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Credit Card

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Den Haag, Beresteinlaan 4

Beresteinlaan 4, 2542 KA Den Haag

Den Bosch, Vughterstraat 175B

Vughterstraat 175B, 5211 GB ‘s-HERTOGENBOSCH

Leiden, Maresingel 5

Maresingel 5, 2316HA Leiden

Eindhoven, Veld. Montgomerylaan 3

Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan 3, 5612BA Eindhoven

Amsterdam, Van Speijkstraat 35

Van Speijkstraat 35, 1057GK Amsterdam

Apeldoorn, Stadskade 472

Stadskade 472, 7311XZ Apeldoorn

Any questions or in need of advice?

You can reach to our customer service every day. From Monday till Sunday available between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

For questions about your test result or travel certificate, please contact us by emailing klantenservice@planjecoronatest.nl. To cancel your appointment, check the confirmation email you received from testenvoorjereis.nl. For questions about how to generate your travel certificate within the Dutch CoronaCheck-app, please visit coronacheck.nl/nl/faq or call toll-free 0800-1421.

Amsterdam, Pontanusstraat 271

Pontanusstraat 271, 1093SH Amsterdam

Tilburg, Piusstraat 22

Piusstraat 22, 5038WS Tilburg

Den Haag, Parallelweg 83

Parallelweg 83, 2525NE Den Haag

Rotterdam, Oosteinde 87

Oosteinde 87, 3061SN Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Nieuwenoord 275

Nieuwenoord 275, 3079 LK Rotterdam

Haarlem, Mollerusweg 60 (Nabij IKEA)

Mollerusweg 60, 2031BZ Haarlem (Nabij IKEA)