Covid 19 tests for children

For a child, a visit to a doctor can be more or less stressful. From our experience with children and conversations with parents, this also applies when a child has to take a covid test. We have set up our test locations and test methods to ensure that conducting a covid test for children is as pleasant as possible. Our skilled caregivers communicate in a child-friendly manner, put children at ease and reward the child with a surprise afterwards. Children up to the age of 16 can take a covid test under the supervision of their parents or guardian. The covid tests take place under the supervision of Dr. A. Faloun. BIG registration: 09913425901

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Testresultaten coronasneltest binnen 15 minuten

Rapid test results within 15 minutes

RVA geaccrediteerde laboratorium voor coronatesten

RVA accredited laboratory

RIVM gevalideerde corona sneltesten en pcr testen

Validated by the RIVM

Internationaal reiscertifcaat

Travel certificate within 24 hours

PCR test reiscertifcaat binnen 24 uur

Internationally recognized travel certificates

Dr. Ab Faloun, BIG registration 09913425901

Openingstijden coronateststraat

Open daily from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

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3 suitable covid tests for children

Compare here the covid tests that we provide for children. Each covid test serves a different purpose, is analyzed differently and has a different price. If you are unable to choose or in doubt, don’t hesitate to speak to our care providers via chat or call 085 – 0043 995

1. Covid Rapid Test For Children

2. PCR Test + Travel Certificate For Children

3. The Serological Test For Children

Test locations

With more than 20 test locations in the country, you can always go to your area for a corona test. You don’t want or can’t come by. Then make an appointment at home.

Child-friendly covid tests

Thanks to our experience in administering covid tests on children of different ages and from different backgrounds, we know better than anyone how to put children at ease and how to conduct a covid test in a child-friendly manner. However, there is also a role for you as a parent. Watch this video and read how to remove tension before and during the corona test.